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Accounting Services

No matter how small or large your business is, DDES aims to provide you excellent accounting services. Our team of professional accountants are proud of their in-depth knowledge and understanding of legislation that keeps changing over time. We will always find methods to improve your business financial situation, so you can concentrate on running your business.

By investing in our expertise, you will be investing in the future success of your business where we can become an extension of your team, and we also work to build and grow your business wealth. In the age of globalization, businesses have to work hard to overcome new challenges all the time. DDES is here to help you thrive in this fast-paced world with our competent, organized workflow. Run your business with your full potential and
leave accounting to us!


tax services

Find taxation in Thailand complicated? Don’t worry because we have you covered. Not only can we deal with your compliance, be your business advisor and fulfill your accounting needs but also have our own specialized tax team dedicating to assist in all tax related matters. Our team is ready to take care of tax preparation and filing for you so that you’ll be able to operate and grow your business at full speed. With our support, you no longer have to worry about tax filing deadlines, what papers you need to prepare, or how to deal with the Revenue department. All of that can easily be done with our special price range for every business size or tailored packages for your special needs. 


Advisory Services

In this modern economic world, the responsibilities of Financial Accounting cannot be only limited to creating financial statements and ensuring compliant auditing anymore. The performance of your company needs more efficient accounting data, so you can make the better decisions to compete against other businesses in the same marketplace. Also, it becomes mandatory for a business to have Cash Flow Analysis, Performance Measurement and Budget Forecasts to succeed in this new interconnected world. 

Because DDES is more than just your accounting outsource services, we are here as your business partner who’s willing to go the extra mile for your own benefits. Our advisor team is led by our own founder who has more than a decade of business experience along with English speaking new generation team members.


Company registration

Have an entrepreneurship aspirations? Dream of starting your own company? We understand how confusing setting up your official business empire can be. As our name suggests, DDES (Dream Destiny) can help your dream come true. Here, we offer a complete range of company registration, while also providing a complete one-stop solution for starting, maintaining and managing a successful business in Thailand. To ensure that your dream, the thing we value the most, is accomplished and your business is ready to  be launched and operated successfully. 


Visa & Work permit

Thailand is one of the most attractive countries in Asia to start over in life with expat communities, international companies, and opportunities to grow. However, the process for visa and work permit can be a somewhat tiring with a lot of papers and time involved.

DDES along with our business partner fully dedicate to assist you in obtaining your visa and work permit to ensure you have a smooth process for your new life — no matter you are here for work or maybe you are an entrepreneur who wants to bring in a skilled international team member to start a company in Thailand. Rest assured! Our DDES professional team will be here for you from the beginning until you get what you need. 

Why choose us

Accurate record keeping

Trusted Business Consultants And Advisors

When you become our client, we become focused on your success. Our team creates business growth services specially designed to deliver optimized results for your business. As your business develops and expands, we can take the time to sit down and discuss alternatives that will make it stronger in the future.

A Reputation For Excellence

We are the best at what we do, have the skill set to get it done, and work hard for each client until they are satisfied. Our resources include highly experienced accounting and tax professionals with years of experience and our senior level staff play a key role in developing business solutions to benefit all of our clients.

Personal Attention That Produces Results

DDES is focused on helping individuals and businesses to grow and flourish. We work hard to improve the lives of both our business and individual clients. We constantly seek to understand your issues, your environment, and your financial hurdles to proactively find solutions.

Xero Software

Ddes Accounting

What our clients say?

Xero has been a revelation to our business. It has given us far more control of our financial information and for non-accountants; it is extremely easy to use. I would recommend Xero and DDES to anyone looking to improve their business.
Amanda Lee
CEO & Founder at Crix
The service from DDES has been excellent and is faultless. They give us the reassurance to know we are complying with the rules and regulations. If we have any queries, the team is brilliant at getting back to us and sorting it out. DDES has taken all the hard work out of auto enrollment.
Adam Cheise
Director at Dynamic
DDES service deals with all statutory requirements expected from a Residents Management Company (RMC) or a Right to Manage (RTM) Company. I would recommend using DDES for reliable and effective source of independent advice.
Bertrand Chenouille
Director at Polleros

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