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Based in Bangkok, Thailand, DDES is a firm that aims to provide the best client-focused advice and services to people in business.

Bangkok-based Dream Destiny Company is a full-service accounting agency, fully licensed with the Thai Federation of Accounting and registered under the Revenue Department and Department of Business Development in Thailand. With its 100% English-speaking staff, the company dedicates to help foreign-owned businesses succeed and thrive in Thailand, with a strong focus on start-ups and business innovators – all at affordable prices. Dream Destiny is a comprehensive, one-stop accounting service, offering everything from basic accounting and bookkeeping to payroll, taxes, visa and work permit assistance, BOI set-up and more. Dream Destiny’s controlled overhead and cost-efficient management systems allow it to offer all accounting services at below-market, affordable prices.

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Dream Destiny’s top-tier executive staff is led by the founder, 
Ms. Katwalee Matar (Lee), a Thai national who has extensive experience in both accounting and finance. She began her career in 2007 as a team leader at a major Accounting Service Company in Thailand, followed by executive managerial-level positions in the accounting departments of high-profile companies including Facebook (Thailand) and KFC (Restaurant Development Company Limited). With more than 12 years experience in accounting, Katwalee brings to Dream Destiny in-depth knowledge of local and international rules and regulations. She is always up-to-date with the latest developments in accounting software programs, is highly proficient in their use. Also, she is always meticulous and committed in ensuring clients receive the best possible service. Apart from her rich of experience and knowledge in the field, Katwalee has strong analytical and problem-solving skills. In addition, she has keen eyes for money saving opportunities offer maximum benefit to Dream Destiny Clients.

Ms. Matar leads Dream Destiny with the assistance of CEO and co-founder Mr. Geoffrey Concas, a French businessman who also operates a thriving export business in Thailand. Dream Destiny operates through a team of expert tax accountants and legal consultants who are experienced in all aspects of servicing business interests in Thailand. The company has built up close connections in government, the judiciary, tax regulators and business developers – all to ensure that each client receives the customized tax services they need to succeed and grow in Thailand. Dream Destiny’s motto is “Making Thailand Work for You” and the overall corporate commitment is to take care of all the accounting to allow clients to have freedom to focus on their own business. One of Dream Destiny’s key advantages is the use of advanced software, one of Europe’s most popular online accounting solutions, which makes every client transaction available for viewing online in real time. Dream Destiny clients can simply download the app, and they can keep track of all their accounting business anytime, anywhere.

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