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An overview of accounting in Thaiand 

Business accounting in Thailand can be a very complicated challenge due to many regulations and rules. All companies are required to keep accounts no matter what type of company — limited company, registered partnership, public limited or joint ventures. Additionally, the account must be drafted according to Thai Accounting Standards meaning that it should be accountable and transparent.

A company needs to close its first accounting year in 12 months after the registration and continue in the years forwards. Important documents like balance sheets should also be 
prepared accordingly and in timely manner. 

Accounts should be approved by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. Upon approval, the financial statements have to be submitted to the Revenue Department and the Commercial Registrar within one month. Keep in mind that the failure to comply with these regulations may result in
a penalty up to 200,000 THB according to the law.

How an outsource-accounting service can be so essential for your business?

Accounting is a perplexed area which can takes someone’s a lot of time and resources. However, it plays an important role in a business operation as accounting will track incomes and expenditures and ensure statutory compliance. Also, it provides investors, management, and government with quantitative financial information which can be used in making business decisions that affect future trajectory of your business. That is why outsource-accounting companies have lately become rapidly popular. 

So why choose accounting service with DDES?

No matter what size of business you own — small or big, our accounting services are here to assist you. Our professionally qualified accountants are very proud of their intense knowledge and understanding of  legislation which keeps changing over time. Moreover, they will continue to find how to improve your financial situations, so you can put all of your potential on running your business.

By investing in our expertise, you will be investing in the future success of your business – where we can become an extension of your team and work to build and grow your business wealth

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Accounting services at DDES 

Statutory account preparation

We prepare all necessary accounting documents for your business such as balance sheets, notes, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements and a directors’ report for you.

Management account

Our professional team of accountants is ready to manage your account so that everything runs smoothly. We’re ready for any size of business and nationalities. 

Cash flow forecast and projections

Want to know what the future looks like? Curious how your cash flow would be affected by future economic policy? Let us help you find that out! 

Company secretarial support

We will act as your company’s secretarial support with administrative work, assistant or document management 

Bookkeeping advice and support 

Bookkeeping is one of our area of specialties, we record all your business transactions for you in a well-organized, professional system so that everything is always accountable for you. Let us deal with the heavy paperwork. Just focus on building your business and leave  bookkeeping to us! 

Additional supports

  • Accounting Xero software advice and training
  • VAT return preparation
  • KPIs and benchmarking
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