Financial advisory Services

Financial Advisory services

Nowadays, as the world become more and more advanced, your business needs to be ready to tackle any obstacles that come to your way. Consequently, the role of Financial Accounting in the modern economic world cannot be restricted to the production of financial statements and to ensuring compliant auditing like in the past. Moreoveryour organization’s operational performance requires new and higher levels of accounting data to assist you in decision-making processes, so you can lead your business competitors. Cash Flow Analysis, Performance Measurement, Budget Forecasts are now all not only fundamental for modern businesses but also have become ongoing requirements for business to be successful in this new borderless world. 

 DDES is prepared to offer our clients a team of financial advisors to help your business
go through any financial challenges. No matter you will expand your business or make an investment in Thailand, our team will assess your business needs and goals as well as doing market research to ensure we provide you with the right advice and analysis in the best direction your company can go. 

What can we do for you? 

  • Market research 
  • Assessment of your financial needs & goals  
  • Plan and recommend strategies
  • Monitor your accounts
  • Tax advisory 
  • Or tell us what you need, and we’ll get it done for you!

Financial advisory Services at DDES

Although our specialty at DDES is tax and accounting, the possibility of the services we can provide to our client is limitless. We are an evolving local company that charges an extremely affordable price for all our service. At DDES, we are:

  1. Expertise. Our financial advisor team is specialized in corporate finance. We are growing every day to increase our capacity to serve our clients and can guide you to more effective choices than you might make on your own.
  2. Accountable. DDES will help you keep on track by proposing you a more  financial decision for the pure benefits of your company to the best of our skill. You always come first.
  3. Advisor. We can make suggestions about the best strategies to improve your finances and help you operate your business to be more successfully in Thailand. This includes expert advice from the complex regulations and taxation in Thailand to make sure that you operate legally to investment opportunities. 
  4. Evolution. As your company circumstances change, there will be a need to modify your financial plan to make it fit your current situation. DDES is qualified to help you adjust and grow your business as we have done in so many occasions with our current clients. See our testimonials
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