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Accounting Services


No matter what size of business you own — small or big, our accounting services are here to assist you. Our professionally qualified accountants are very proud of their intense knowledge and understanding of  legislation which keeps changing over time. Moreover, they will continue to find how to improve your financial situations, so you can put all of your potential on running your business.

By investing in our expertise, you will be investing in the future success of your business – where we can become an extension of your team and work to build and grow your business wealth.

Our accounting services include:

  • statutory accounts preparation
  • management accounts
  • cashflow forecasts and projections
  • company secretarial support
  • bookkeeping advice and support
  • accounting Xero software advice and training
  • VAT return preparation
  • KPIs and benchmarking

tax services

Individual tax services

A business owner’s personal and company affairs are usually inseparably. For your short and long-term goals, DDES team will provide you and your family tax services. With our partners who have specialty in taxes, we can assist you in controlling  your financial actions to protect your family wealth and avoid unnecessary personal tax bills.

Since legislation in Thailand keeps being more complicated, affective tax planning becomes very important. Don’t worry! Our specialism is to offer custom services to meet all of client’s special needs. Your wealth will be protected and you will also know better about the issues that may be bothersome to your life. By using our services, we will offer you a thorough plan for you and your family’s future — finding the opportunities to save taxes.


How our tax services can help:

To make sure that you fulfill all regulatory compliance requirements, our teams of tax specialists will give you advice on your personal taxes in details. We can provide you a tailored package from simple tax requirements to filing the complicated Thai taxes. No matter how complex level of your tax can be, we find the way to increase your wealth and decrease your tax liabilities.

Income tax reviews

An annual review of your income tax liability will ensure that you are not liable for fines or charges from HMRC. There are a few ways that you can seek to reduce your income tax bill and those include; making pension contributions, providing gift aid contributions, equalizing the income between spouses or civil partners, and Enterprise Investment Scheme investments. Our specialist tax services will ensure you are one step ahead of the game and highlight what you need to do to minimize your income tax liability.

Closing financial statement

Accounting Period

An accounting period is twelve months except in the following cases where it may be less than twelve months:

1. A newly incorporated company or juristic partnership may elect to use the period from its incorporation date to any date as the first accounting period.

2. A company or juristic partnership may file a request to the Director-General to change the last day of an accounting period. In such a case, the Director-General shall have the power to grant approval. Such an order shall be notified to the company or juristic partnership who files the request within a reasonable period of time and in the case where the Director-General grants the permission. The company or juristic partnership shall comply to the accounting period as prescribed by the Director-General.

Financial Advisory Service

To best focus on growth opportunities and drive better margins

In this modern economic world, the responsibilities of Financial Accounting cannot be limited to only creating financial statements and ensuring compliant auditing anymore. The performance of your company needs better accounting data, so you can make the better decisions to compete against other businesses in the same marketplace. Fundamentally, a successful business needs to have Cash Flow Analysis, Performance Measurement and Budget Forecasts.

we get to know your business inside out

We do not just only concentrate on ‘calculating the numbers’, but we also analyze them. Absolutely, precise financial reports are the basic for boosting a company’s success. However, our canny interpretation of financial statements leads us to the appropriate advice. Then we can provide you the solutions that are fit just right for your problems.

Our business advisory services are designed to support and grow efficiencies. We can save your time and make your business more valuable. Together, we’ll work through a personalized strategic and operational review. Then create and implement an action plan tailored to meet your objectives.

Company Registration

Limited Company

A business set up by a minimum of 3 shareholders. Partners who share either limited or unlimited liability for all the Partnership’s obligations.


Representative Office

Office of an overseas company established in Thailand in order to support the international customer and business. However, this kind of business cannot generate revenue.


The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) aims at facilitating foreign investments in Thailand, providing the opportunity to register a 100% foreign owned company. BOI promoted companies can benefit from certain incentives depending on their activity, such as tax exemption, employee quota exemption (4 Thai for 1 foreigner).

Visa & Work Permit

Visa non-immigrant B

You want to work or conduct a business in Thailand. It is valid for 1 year, with single or multiple entry, but a notification of residence must be done every 90 days at the Immigration office.

Visa non-immigrant O

You want to come in Thailand for humanitarian missions, retirement, you are accompanying someone with a Visa O-A or you have a Thai family. You are allowed to stay 90 days in Thailand, but employment is prohibited.

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